Beneden Molendijk Oud-Beijerland

In Oud-Beijerland, we designed a residential and shopping area at Beneden Molendijk, comprising around 48 dwellings for various target groups, combined with 2,500 m² of retail space and a multi-storey car park. In order to realise the complete programme and respect the village character of Oud-Beijerland, we came up with the idea of a terrace along Molendijk, introduced a green, open square near the shops, and designed the homes as a contemporary interpretation of a “courtyard”. Making ordinary, pleasant spots in a beautiful village into something special.

The shopping square forms an inviting entrance to the area at Beneden Molendijk and ensures that all of the shops have enough room to present themselves. The newbuild at Molendijk has a terrace, from where a wide set of steps takes you down to the square. From Molendijk, the shops on the square are directly accessible at first-floor level by means of a footbridge.

In urban development terms, the plan consists of two parts: the dwellings with their specific, prescribed roof directions and the large commercial retail spaces at Beneden Molendijk. By allowing the small-scaled residential development and the larger mass of retail blocks to interlock, we create cohesion between the two parts.

Parking is possible at two levels, concealed behind the housing. By elevating the gardens to deck level, a “courtyard” is created. The great diversity in house frontages along Kerkstraat links up with the continuation of this street.

Above the shops at Beneden Molendijk, there will be a number of penthouse apartments. The newbuild at Molendijk fits in seamlessly with the other buildings on the dike. Shops or catering establishments can be created at both levels.

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