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Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Visiting address The Netherlands
Laanslootseweg 1
3028 HT Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address The Netherlands
Postbus 818
3000 AV Rotterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)10 440 21 21
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De Nobel Pop music venue Leiden

The new music centre De Nobel is being created in the middle of an historic block of buildings in Leiden town centre. Seventeenth-century dwellings, combined with nineteenth-century monumental factory premises set the tone of the block. The historic 19th-century buildings will be preserved as much as possible. That also applies to the existing atmosphere. In our design, we seek harmony between old and new. We therefore dovetail with the existing spatial structure of large and small spaces, gardens and roof terraces.
The monumental factory buildings will be transformed into a foyer with grand café. Small-scaled happenings can be organized here, such as an acoustic performance or an exhibition. The dressing rooms and offices will also be housed in this monumental section. De Nobel will have two auditoria for pop concerts: the main auditorium (Grote Zaal) with a permanent stage and balcony can accommodate 700 people and the more intimate music hall (Muziekzaal) 200. To limit noise nuisance in this densely-populated area without affecting the characteristic atmosphere, these two halls will be added as newbuild in the heart of the block. As a result, it will be possible to integrate a brand new, excellently insulated pop venue into this varied historic central area in a natural way with respect for the monuments. The historic facades on the edges of the block will be added to in a subtle manner: contemporary architecture, in harmony with the historic gable.
This multifunctional music and theatre centre - comprising three halls, office spaces, studios and classrooms - accommodates a variety of users.
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