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This multifunctional music and theatre centre - comprising three halls, office spaces, studios and classrooms - accommodates a variety of users. The individual halls - each with its own atmosphere - are free to programme independently: thanks to box-in-box constructions, none of the three is inconvenienced by the others.

The audience finds - besides the actual performance - the experience perhaps even more important. That is why the building employs all kinds of resources. For instance, a sophisticated lighting system is able to change the architecture of the three foyers into individual interiors with distinctive ambiences. Also, the foyers can be interconnected as a sequence linked by ornament on the rear wall. A footbridge connects this area to the adjacent music centre.

We’ve paid a lot of attention to the ambience of the backstage area too. It is bright, stylish and sometimes homely. It offers a comfortable working environment that performers find pleasant and are glad to come back to, combined with a well-oiled machine that offers a wide range of options.

The required facilities were cleverly assembled within a striking complex on a cramped urban site nearby the railway. With a huge outdoor staircase that faces the station and a slanting green-copper roof above a glass façade on the side bordering the city centre, the so-called Muziekkwartier beckons passers-by approaching from all directions. It is, moreover, contributing to a logical and attractive routing through the city.

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A real student city has a flourishing pop scene, and Leiden is no exception. »

The new theater of Den Bosch will be a proud, festive and inviting building. The design fits the Parade Square. »

On a corner directly across from the station in the heart of Hengelo is located the eye-catching white cylinder of the Rabo Theatre, the Hengelo Municipal Theatre. »

The immediate vicinity of the combined accommodation for the AVRO, KRO and NCRV created a number of stringent preconditions. »

In Jan Hoogstad’s 1993 masterplan for the future of De Doelen, a new development site was created. In the end this was to be the site for the new college of music and dance, now Codarts. »

Following a series of urban-design studies centred on the Weena thoroughfare and the Kruisplein, Jan Hoogstad was asked in the early 1990s, by De Doelen (1966) to research the potential for a futur »


Recently Ector Hoogstad Architecten participated in a competition for Het Nieuwe Speelhuis in Helmond. »

The high word is out: the construction of the Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch is designed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten either UNStudio. »


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