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All set in Utrecht en Delft

Contracts were signed recently with main contractors for two of the largest projects that Ector Hoogstad Architect is working on: the new Faculty of Applied Sciences for Delft University of Technology en the new Station Square East in Utrecht. This ensures that both projects can have their official ground breaking ceremonies in mid June, perfectly in tune with their schedules.
BAM Utiliteitsbouw placed the winning bid for the Utrecht project. In the coming years they will bear responsibility for the both technically and logistically challenging realization of this vital project in Utrecht’s busy city center, consisting not only of a large square next to the new railway terminal but also the biggest bicycle parking in the world. More information can be found on our project page.
The new Applied Science building for Delft University of Technology will be built by the combination HurksKuijpers/ULC with laboratory outfitter Waldner. These companies were already selected at the end of the definitive design stage and assisted the design team in completing the building specifications that form the basis of the now signed contract. For the occasion TU Delft made this short introductory video.
Both projects were successfully tendered within budget. This was made possible by a very thorough design development supported by rock solid tender documents. The extensive use of BIM-technology has once again proven to result in detailed and dependable cost assessments and effective risk management.

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