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Competition Shandong Art Gallery

Together with our Chinese partner SIADR, our office is currently working on a design for a prestigious invited competition for the Shandong Provincial Art Gallery in Jinan, China. Shandong is one of the wealthiest and most populous of all Chinese provinces (over 95 million inhabitants) and has a rich cultural and religious history. The new gallery building (60.000 sqm) will stand next to the Shandong Museum (that focusses on archeology and cultural history) and the Shandong Provincial Archive. It will contain exhibition space that will be used for the display of Chinese and international contemporary art, combined with educational facilities, commercial art galleries, an auction house, shops and restaurants. An important goal in the project will be a further strengthening of Sino-Western relations. On September 27th our design will be presented to the jury by Joost Ector and Stijn Rademakers. The competetion result is expected to be announced shortly thereafter.

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