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Joost Ector steps down from BNA board

After 8 years on the board of the Rotterdam department of the BNA (Dutch Society of Architects), Joost Ector steps down as chairman, effective January 2012. "I look back with a feeling of satisfaction", Joost says, "certainly upon the last few years, in which we've been able to play a part of growing importance within the Rotterdam architectural field. Not only did we organize interesting events and competitions, we also contributed to the sharing of knowledge and experience among our members. Also we helped to create the new Rotterdam Architects Platform, a new advisory board to the Rotterdam municipal government which will help to advocate the interests of architects and architecture in our city. Another positive development is the growing number of young architects among our members. To be a powerful organisation BNA explicitly needs young people too." Is this the end of the BNA chapter? "For now it is, but there will undoubtedly be new opportunities to make myself useful for the BNA. A lot still needs to be done. Our branch still needs to become more professional in order to maintain its position in the building process. Also we will need to explain more often and more explicitly the importance and the value of good architecture. Explain that architecture is not just some extra added luxury, but simply the difference between good and bad design. It's about inspiration, meaning and aesthetics, of course, but also about sustainability, economy and a general responsibility to society. A good architect is able to oversee the total quality of a project in a way that no one else can. I will continue to be eager to promote this idea."

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