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Kick off Breda Vooruit!

Recently alderman Alfred Arbouw, developer Hans de Wilde (DW Investments) and contractor/developer Jef Havermans (Dura Vermeer) launched the construction of "Breda Vooruit!", a large-scale housing scheme in the station quarter of Breda. The plan is located on the edge of the Belcrum, a neighbourhood immediately north of the railroad. On an east-west oriented location of almost five hundred meters, 230 apartments (both sale and rental) will be realized in three phases.

The design of the first phase, at the western end, was created by DAT Architecten from Tilburg. The middle part, a design of Hooper Architects from Oosterhout, will be realised last. Ector Hoogstad Architecten designed the eastern block, that will be built in phase two. This part of the plan consists of fifty three and four bedroom rental homes for investors MMN Services, a commercial plinth and a catering pavilion, opposite the new terminal station (under construction). The different building blocks will be constructed in the same warm reddish brown brick, and applied by the three architects in different ways. The material creates unity; detailing and rhythm provide variety. The actual construction of phase two also starts in 2014 and will take a little more than a year to complete.

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