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MBO Utrecht goes circular

The preliminary design for the MBO Utrecht campus is now ready. The Utrecht based educational institution offers courses in diverse fields such as ICT, healthcare and even arts in the form of the Herman Brood Academy. These courses are currently housed in adjacent but separate buildings in the south of the city. The new plan integrates them into one real campus by replacing worn-out buildings with state of art new ones, and transforming the space between the buildings from meaningless residual space into a vibrant, integrated inner street. This will have major consequences. It will create a place for all students and staff to use together, encouraging the interaction and synergy that the concept of a true knowledge landscapes revolves around.
Circularity is a key concept in the design. For the new buildings, use is made as much as possible of materials extracted from the demolition of their predecessors. The construction of the existing buildings is reused by construction engineer Pieters Bouwtechniek as a "donor skeleton". Where new materials are used, they are selected for minimal environmental impact, a choice that results in numerous applications of wood. The introduction of the inner street - with a green roof and strategically placed skylights - provides a climate buffer and shade, resulting in greatly reduced energy consumption of the total complex. The use of PV panels provides a considerable amount of renewable energy.
A start has now been made on the further development into a definitive design. If everything goes according to plan, the first construction phase will start in May of this year. The MBO Utrecht campus will be fully completed in the summer of 2022.

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