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Minkema in the picture

The second school year in the new Minkema College started in the first week of September. In the past year, the adjacent building was demolished and plants grow and flourish. It was time to make new pictures.  
The classrooms are located behind a cheerful brick facade with a wave pattern. In the center of the building you find a surprise: a large auditorium, which can also serve as a theater, with on top three  gymnasiums. Auditorium and gymnasiums are flanked by voids on the east and the west, and study terraces are located in this area. Two beautiful artworks of Michael Kluiters mark these voids; a giant  "Polaris" that plays with light and reflection, and an armillary sphere, an open structure of cosmic rings. 
Much attention has been paid to plants and trees in the outdoor area. The large bicycle shed next to the building is also an arboretum with several for teaching interesting trees species. A teaching garden provides space for a pond, a weather station and hives. Terrain secretions are green and there are breeding grounds for all kinds of birds. Part of the garden maintenance is provided by the students.

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