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Montessori child center Mozaïek completed

In Dordrecht the construction of Montessori Child Center Mozaïek was completed last week. On September 1st, 2014, children and teachers will open the new building.

The new Montessori child center is located in the district of New Krispijn and accommodates two fused primary schools and a day- and after-school care. A sustainable and multifunctional program and the beautiful location on the canal inspired EHA to design a modern and adventurous ‘villa’ for kids. The child center will have two main entrances. Three common areas between the two entrances form the heart of the building. Entering from the street the "residents" immediately find themselves in a large kitchen that creates a homely atmosphere right away. Right behind it, at the center of the building, is a complex staircase that also serves as a grandstand, library, balcony and so on.

The outdoor area is designed as an adventurous garden with a play area for children aged 0 to 4 years and a sports area for older kids. The outdoor area includes a soccer field, gym, table tennis, picnic tables, athletics, discovery mountain and is also open to children from the neighborhood.

Montessori child center Mosaic is a ‘Clean Air School’  with lots of natural light, high rooms and excellent isolation. For the façade bricks and slates in a diagonal pattern are used.

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