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Montessori Children's Center

This project in Dordrecht can indeed hardly be called a school. Of course it is still about education according to the Montessori philosophy, but dogmas like strict age differentiation, fixed hours and vacations are all abandoned. The center is open to children between the ages of 0 and 12 and their parents, who can come there 5 days a week between 7 and 7 for education, counselling, tuition and all kinds of activities focussing on art and creativity. Based on this vision Ector Hoogstad Architecten, together with future occupants, has now finished the definitive design for a building that also shows little resemblance to a traditional school. A large homely kitchen functions as the central meeting place that allows access to several "domains" which can in turn be subdivided by sliding partitions. A large space for sports doubles as an intimate theatre. Along a canal lined with beautiful trees, the building presents itself as a large villa. Facades are clad with attractive and timeless materials such as brick, slates and wood and contain large openings that allow for superfluous daylight as well as numerous interesting views inside and outside. According to the project planning realisation will start mid 2013.

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