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Montessori Preview

At the moment we are working very hard on the design of the Montessori Child Center in Dordrecht. This school will be a "home" for kids aged 0 to 12 and there parents, where they are welcome 12 hours a day for education and other activities. The modest size and the beatiful setting located at the canal prompted us to design a building that has the feel of an old adventurous villa. Entering from the street the "residents" immediately find themselves in a large kitchen that creates a homely atmosphere right away. Right behind it, at the center of the building, is a complex staircase that also serves as a grandstand, library, balcony and so on. On the groundfloor there are also spaces for fysical education (that can be combined to form a theatre) an spaces for the smallest children that give immediate acces to the gardens surrounding the building. On the second floor there are two clusters of educational spaces for the older children, together with a large roof terrace. Everywhere, inside as well as outside, small architectural details provide sublte vistas, places to sit or platforms for overviews. A rather "serious" looking building turns out to be one big playground.

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