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Preliminary Design Da Vinci College

EHA has finished the preliminary design for the new Da Vinci College in Roosendaal and presented it to the project’s steering committee. The new Da Vinci will be a combination of interconnected reused and new buildings, situated at the school’s current site at the Bovendonk. The existing building will contain mainly classrooms and “clubs”, the home bases for the students. A new storey is added to house the “medical center”.
The new parts contain practice simulation, sports facilities and common facilities, together with an internal street that provides the building complex with a clear routing. The south end of the street creates an entrance for VMBO students, the north end for the Praktijkschool students. The central part of the building takes the metaphor of the city as its starting point: streets, a square, a café, city hall, terraces, and bridges create an atmosphere of interaction and exchange.
The preliminary design was approved and the final design phase is now underway. Construction will start in the first half of 2014, to be completed one and a half years later.

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