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Printing of PET pavilion has started!

The office of engineering firm IMd will be given a new addition in the form of a pavilion made from recycled PET bottles. It is a first: for the first time this material is used constructively in the form of a self-supporting construction. The pavilion will be placed on one of the crane tracks in the former factory building, which was previously transformed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten into a surprising office environment. Years of material research in collaboration with TU Delft preceded the construction of the pavilion. The 300 kg shells have a parametrically optimized shape and are currently, after some corona-delay, being printed in Spain by Nagami. The pavilion is an experiment and part of an ongoing research into new techniques and materials. An experiment that cannot fail: in that case the PET material is simply reused. Watch the teaser movie here.

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Slightly later than planned, construction of  the new SRON headquarters at Leiden Bio Science Park »

Groningen University has released a new video showing the progress that is being made in the construction of their new Feringa Building. »

The construction work of NeXt! Delft has started. The building will be built on the south side of the Molengraaffsingel and will be realized in two phases. »

Since an ‘old-fashioned’ topping out ceremony is of course impossible under the current Covid-19 regulations, SRON came up with a nice alternative. »

Once again TU Delft has selected EHA for an iconic project. »

Fontys Hogeschool is investing heavily in a thorough overhaul of its campus in the heart of Eindhoven. »

For the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ector Hoogstad Architecten designed the new Centre for Chemistry and Technology. »