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Ready for printing!

After several months of extensive testing and fine-tuning by our Spanish 3d-printing partner Nagami Design, the printing of the new IMd pavilion is now about to start. The pavilion was designed as an ‘indoor extension’ of the IMd building in Rotterdam, a successful transformation a former steel factory into 'knowledge landscape' for one of the leading structural engineering firms of the Netherlands. The new pavilion will be the joint office of the management team of IMd and reflects the company’s dedication to sustainability and circularity. The pavilion reflects this mission. The shape was parametrically designed in collaboration with Delft University of Technology to be structurally self-supporting while only using a minimum of material. It will be 3d-printed in unusually large panels of reused and reusable PET-material, which has a beautiful translucency that corresponds perfectly with the existing interior. The experimental nature of the project makes it hard to predict when exactly it will be completed. However, when ready it will be a ground-breaking step forward in innovative building technology. We'll keep you posted!

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