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Renske van der Stoep in management team

The management team of Ector Hoogstad Architecten has a new member. Architect Renske van der Stoep joins the team, which now consists of Lonneke Bakkeren, Stijn Rademakers, Gijs Weijnen, along with Max Pape and Joost Ector. This gain reflects a changing organization; the growth of Ector Hoogstad Architecten in recent years, asked for a redistribution of organizational responsibilities. Moreover, there was the desire to strengthen the management with someone who adds a new perspective to our vision of architecture and the changing role of the architect. This person was found in Renske, who moved from MVRDV where she was also part of the management team and worked on many national and international projects and competitions, including the creation of the Market Hall in Rotterdam. She also worked at Inbo Architects and was for some years a board member of Kring Rijnmond of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects. Renske: "Ector Hoogstad Architecten is a beautiful healthy office with a rich history and a promising future. I find it a great challenge to participate and give that future form, content and direction. "

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