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RijnIJssel ICT&Technology under construction

The first building of the new RijnIJssel Campus in Arnhem is now under construction. Here RijnIJssel will be offering professional education courses all across the technology spectrum, from ICT to Mobility, M&E, Architecture and even a Laboratory School. Each cluster will use a separate wing of the new facility, thereby still providing the individual, small scale education that RijnIJssel stands for. At the same time, crossovers are stimulated through shared programmes and visual interaction.
The spiralling Plaza in the centre of the U shaped building connects not only the different education zones to one another, but also provides a multifunctional three-dimensional study landscape and - through the huge glass entrance façade - a direct connection to the campus. It will create a communal space for all students and staff to use together, encouraging the interaction and synergy that the concept of a true knowledge landscapes revolves around. One third of the new building is the transformed former AkzoNobel ‘C1’laboratory building. Since this nineties building is still in good shape, it is integrated in the new complex and fitted out with new installations and interior. The extra high floors of this old laboratory building are connected to the floors of the new building with terracing communal spaces. Sustainability is a key concept in the design. First and foremost, no new materials are used unless there’s no other option. The character of the building will communicate its technology oriented use. Therefore its structure is shown throughout, so no floor finishes or ceilings and all installations are kept in sight.
The facades are designed according to solar orientation, minimizing cooling while maximising daylight admittance. Combined with CO2 guided ventilation and the ample use of wood and plants, the building is also very healthy. Solar panels provide a considerable amount of renewable energy. The building will be finished in the spring of 2021.

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