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SRON exceeds expectations

While the construction of the new building for the Dutch space research institute SRON is still in full swing, the building has already met expectations on one important aspect. In fact, these have been far surpassed. For its research, SRON needs floor slabs with extremely strict vibration requirements. That is to say: floors that vibrate only to a very limited extent in order to be able to perform very precise experiments on them. Those requirements are shown in a VC coding, where VC stands for 'vibration criteria' and the added letter can run from A to G. The floors in the new SRON building have VC-D as a requirement, but as the first tests have now shown: they even meet the criteria for VC-F. In view of the building’s location at the Leiden Bio Science Park, this may be called a top performance by both the design team (including Pieters Bouwtechniek as construction consultant and Peutz as building physics consultant) and contractor Medicomzes. Extra inspired by this early success, the whole team is now working with even more motivation towards completion, which is planned for the first half of next year.

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