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Training for charrettes

A typical Ector Hoogstad Architecten design process usually starts off with a so-called “charrette”, a two or three week on site workshop period, durich which the design team lays the foundations for a building design in close collaboration with future occupants and other client representatives. We introduced this method in the Netherlands a few years ago because of its many advantages: participants get acquinted thoroughly and quickly, there’s an immediate and deep involvement of the client in the process, all kinds of information are readily available and easily shared, there’s more concentration, and so on. Our project architects regularly train their skills at coaching these workshops. Recently in Amersfoort we had a full day of training by Marene van den Enk and Roland Broekhuizen of Motion Consult. To make our charrettes as swift, enjoyable and effective as possible, knowledge of group dynamics and working methods is essential. Interesting stuff that we enjoy studying to always improve on the services we provide to our clients!

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