Montessori Child Centre Dordrecht

The Montessori Child Centre Mozaïek is located in Dordrecht and accommodates two fused primary schools, a nursery, a nursery school and after-school care. Ector Hoogstad Architecten designed together with the end users a building that has only very little resemblance to a traditional school. It looks like an adventurous villa. The facades are made of beautiful timeless materials like diamond slate, brick and wood and have large openings for abundant natural light and views. The building has two main entrees. From the Nassauweg you enter a homey kitchen, followed by the central staircase and theater. The latter space can be linked with the adjacent gymnasium so the theater can also serve as a stage and the gym as an auditorium for 300 people. The staircase has other functions in different directions as a library, tribune, balcony and seating areas. The four teaching clusters are in direct communication with the central facilities.
The outdoor area is designed as an adventure garden with its own playground for children of 0-4 years and a 'sport' place for older children; an outside area with panna field, climbing frame, table tennis, picnic tables, athletics track, discover mountain and swings. On the floor first is a rooftop garden. Large windows provide a view from the central area to the playground outside, the canal and the roof terras.
The plain facade of brick and slate diamond is enriched in various places with bright yellow colored wooden elements. The durable Accoya wood is processed in both the exterior and interior. The sustainability ambition is also reflected in the constructive flexibility; a steel structure with a span of nearly ten meters and no load-bearing walls. 

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