The city of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam share a long history in which science, urban planning and creativity take centre stage. That history started right here, in the University Quarter.
Femke Halsema, mayor Amsterdam
EHA sublimely emphasizes the prominent status of the garage as the pivot point between cycling and walking by giving one of the concrete columns a swirling skirt as a base, elevating a garage space into a cathedral for the train travelling cyclist.
Robert-Jan de Kok, Architecture in the Netherlands 2018-2019
Enter Amsterdam was quite a challenging job, but when parties trust each other, work towards the same goal and make choices early, unique and smart results can be achieved.
Boaz de Boer, Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling
This inspiring workplace has been essential in becoming who we are today.
Remco Wiltjer, partner IMd
Une cathedrale pour la bicyclette.
Tour de France 2015 website