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Architecture is happiness
Architecture is of immense value for our quality of life. We feel happier, work more effectively and get on better with other people in agreeable, inspiring buildings. Ector Hoogstad Architects does its best to make this happen. This is our passion as well as our mission. 

We regard a design as successful if it is fit for purpose, attractive, smart and appealing. From our perspective, fit for purpose means respectful, responsible, sustainable, fit for human use, healthy and user-friendly. Attractive means timeless, meaningful … and simply good to look at. Smart means useful, economical and flexible, while appealing means surprising, constructive, unique and irresistible. 

The design process at EHA is driven by mutual inspiration. That is why we like to work in close collaboration with future users, clients, consultants, researchers, contractors, government agencies, artists and representatives of the building trade. Anyone who has a useful contribution to make to the design process is welcome to join in. We ourselves contribute all we have to offer: creativity, know-how, ingenuity, openness, optimism and an innate love of innovation, born of our intense curiosity and our wish to keep on doing everything better. This has allowed us to amass a great deal of knowledge and experience over the past nearly sixty years, which we will be very glad to share with all our clients!. 

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