Integrated project management with BIM
Helicopter vision and cooperation with specialists from a wide range of different disciplines are integral elements of our approach to the design process. The Building Information Model (BIM) is a digital instrument that fits perfectly in our integrated, transparent approach to the design process. We have been running BIM as an integral part of our design process for several years now, and were one of the first Dutch architectural practices to do so. This has allowed us to build up a great deal of in-depth experience of complex BIM projects. Ector Hoogstad Architects has been responsible for some of the most advanced BIM models used so far in the Netherlands. 

We use an “open BIM” approach in all our projects, from the design phase right up to the implementation and exploitation phases. This allows all consultants to work with us in a single intelligent 3D building model, no matter what software our partners choose to use for this purpose. Before starting a BIM process, we make a project-wide inventory of the objectives, methods, demarcation lines and agreements made in relation to the drawings and other matters, and lay these down in a BIM protocol. Our BIM managers ensure compliance with the BIM protocol, coordinate the 3D building models and validate both the models and the data by means of model checks. 

We are a leader in this field, and mean to maintain this position. This explains our receptive approach to new developments that can usefully be combined with BIM. For example, we use virtual reality and 3D printed models to enhance our perception and understanding of the design. We also make use of performance based design, which generates optimised designs with the aid of parametric algorithms. We are convinced that BIM and other forms of digitisation have a crucial part to play in the future of design and the building trade, as instruments that will raise quality and efficiency to new levels. 

For further information, please contact Gijs Weijnen at Ector Hoogstad Architects’ BIM Expertise Group (

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