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Continual innovation in building engineering
We are living in an age of constant technological progress. It’s an enormously exciting time to be working in architecture and design – not so much because of the technology itself (which is after all only a means to an end) but because of the opportunities it offers for creating the highest possible architectural quality for clients and future end-users. Giving technological innovation an important role in our design process extends our scope enormously, and allows us to work more efficiently, more sustainably and more intelligently towards the ideal built environment. 

Ector Hoogstad Architects has long had an excellent reputation for the quality of the technical implementation of our designs. Our proposals are based on a combination of years of experience and new research. We aim for efficiency, feasibility and durability without preconceived ideas. As a result, we may often combine highly advanced technology with decidedly low-tech solutions. 

The projects we work on often generate an innovative approach. In other cases, we ourselves initiate research and development, which can give rise to inspirational cooperation with other players in the building chain and enable us to introduce a new process or product together with our clients, consultants, scientists, contractors and manufacturers. This collaborative approach allows us to take advantage of the new design tools, production methods and changing roles now to be found in the building process. 

For example, we are currently investigating the unique possibilities offered by additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing. We have already made use of this new concept for the construction of a solar protection system that is fully optimised with the aid of computational design. Another research theme to which we devote constant attention is the technique for making transparent fibreglass panels for solar energy generation in buildings. The combination of building engineering and BIM also offers a host of interesting possibilities, based on the expected complete integration of the built environment with the internet of things in the future. 

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