Codesign guarantees the best results
Design is teamwork. We welcome anyone who wants to make a contribution to the design process, in the belief that an open source approach always gives the best result – a design that most closely meets the needs and desires of both client and end-user. 

We like to start the design process with a charrette, a sort of workshop devoted to intense preparation for the project in question, which can best be held at a significant location such as the site of the building to be constructed or together with the future users. During this preparatory period, we discuss the key issues with the client, end-users, consultants, people living in the neighbourhood and other stakeholders. This way of kick-starting the project has many advantages: the various people involved get to know one another quickly and well, we are able to collect a great deal of relevant information and gain insight into the issues involved, and the process generates deep commitment. The resulting concepts and sketches form a solid basis for a well-thought-out, generally accepted design. After this initial get-together, the various parties involved will meet regularly to monitor progress and discuss specific issues. 

We also work closely together in the design team. We are great believers in a multidisciplinary approach, where specialists from all the various fields share ideas right from the start and inspire one another to come up with the brightest ideas. Contractors are also increasingly often getting involved in the design process as early as possible. This is very valuable, as it permits direct input from practitioners. Ector Hoogstad Architects has experience of working in a wide variety of project delivery systems. 

Good cooperation is an art, which demands an open attitude and excellent communication skills. It is also important to have the right communication tools, and to undergo regular training in their use. Experience shows that this is the way to get good results and satisfied clients. 

For further information, please contact Erik de Geus at Ector Hoogstad Architects’ Codesign Expertise Group (

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