Value creation

From cost management to value creation
Creating maximum value – optimising the quality/cost ratio – is the challenge inherent in every design process. Ector Hoogstad Architects masters this art. Our smart designs ensure maximum quality within any budget, in the form of functionality, health, sustainability. flexibility, robustness, spaciousness and good looks. We also limit the life cycle cost, for example by minimising energy consumption.. 

The time when the main focus was on initial costs is fortunately behind us. Current trends such as integrated contracts and the circular economy demand a more comprehensive approach from a long-term perspective. This wider vision cuts many costs, and leads to appreciably higher quality. We support this positive development.. 

We use scenarios to involve our clients in the decision-making process by presenting the various design options and their financial consequences in a clear, effective way, and use BIM to show the effect of design choices on life cycle costs. We start by presenting the Top 10 design considerations that have the greatest impact on life cycle costs, and use a cost-sensitive, sustainable material selection tool to balance quality requirements against life cycle costs and hidden costs. Furthermore, we use an inventory of health effects to reveal which measures pay for themselves by reducing sickness absenteeism and boosting productivity.. 

An inspiring living or working environment not only raises productivity but has many other benefits. Creativity is stimulated, and the bonds between people are reinforced. Architecture offers a powerful means of bringing about cultural change. Moreover, a building is an effective symbol of the user organisation’s significance and values. Our designers pay close attention to all these aspects, to deliver a design that is characterised by maximum perceived value, market value and future value.. 

For further information, please contact Koen Klijn at Ector Hoogstad Architects’ Value Creation Expertise Group (

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