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EHA demonstrates its expertise through its keen understanding of the operational needs of the building, and through the consistency and appropriateness of its choices on the basis of that understanding.
Jury report Architectenweb Awards 2021

Earlier this year, the city council of Krimpenerwaad gave the official go ahead to design the new City Hall. This week Ector Hoogstad Architects and DOOR Architecten were given the opportunity to present their design vision. 

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We believe in rationalism, beauty and progress. With that in mind, we design inspiring and empowering spaces.
Metaforum - Petra Appelhof
As an architect, I am both an optimist and an idealist. I seek to build a more beautiful and better world because I firmly believe that it can be done. And it is with this conviction that our team approaches every project and collaboration.
Joost Ector, partner Ector Hoogstad Architects