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Fontys Faculty of ICT

Fontys Hogeschool is investing heavily in a thorough overhaul of its campus in the heart of Eindhoven. In the coming years, the area will change from a fenced-off enclave with anonymous architecture into a knowledge landscape that is fully integrated into the city; an inviting and inspiring place where students, teachers and local companies work together on the sharing and development of knowledge. To boost this development with a powerful impulse right from the start, Ector Hoogstad Architecten designed the new R10 building as a forward-looking example of attractive and effective campus architecture. In other words: connective, flexible and extremely sustainable.
The core of the design is formed by a generously dimensioned structure, consisting of three parallel naves with a depth of 11 m and a standard floor height of 4.5 m. The floors are completely freely divisible and adaptive. This makes them suitable for rapidly changing modes of education. The first residents - Fontys ICT, Fontys Pulsed and the physiotherapy training at Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool - are making good use of this by alternating smaller spaces for group work with large open study landscapes.
The modular structure makes it possible to establish connections between users and with the surrounding campus in various ways. Thanks to an 'embracing' series of cantilevers, the entrance is located in the heart of the building. Immediately upon entering the building, a 'diagonal boulevard' starts, connecting all floors and also providing a visual connection with the green heart of the campus through a fully transparent facade. This diagonal axis contains a variety of different meeting spaces and is therefore the social heart of the building. The diagonal boulevard also provides an attractive alternative for elevator use, which makes the building intrinsically "corona-proof". As a counterpart to the entrance overhang, the building rises in terraces on the west side. As a result, it provides more afternoon sun on the campus and it compliments each floor with its own green connection to the central outdoor area.
Sustainability and circularity are central to the design. Energy use is minimized by a facade design that depends on orientation (with deep vertical recesses on the east and west facades) and a high-quality insulating building skin. Additional installation measures such as the use of aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES), heat pumps (the building has no gas connection) and solar panels ensure an energy efficiency of 40% below 2021 regulations. The applied materials are circular (e.g. reusable) wherever possible. The facades, for example, are constructed from Dubokeur SIPS panels and finished with thermally preserved pinewood. The climate-adaptive water retention roof is also particularly innovative. This "smart blue-green roof" has a computer-controlled system for drainage or retention of rainwater. This provides extra cooling and also optimizes the efficiency of the solar panels.
EHA was also responsible for the interior design, including all furnishings, greenery and graphic design. The interior design advances the creativity of the user, who is strongly encouraged to further complement and evolve his environment. Circularity was also a guiding principle in the design of the interior: existing furniture has been reused and reintegrated, whereas new additions are made of circular and natural materials.
The building was completed in June 2020. Due to the measures surrounding COVID-19, it was put into use after a small scale ceremony in the beginning of September. As soon as the public health situation allows it, a festive opening will be organized.

Project information
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Campus Rachelsmolen, Eindhoven 
Client: Fontys University
Status: Realized
Program: Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
Pictures: Petra Appelhof

Design team:
Architect: Ector Hoogstad Architecten
Structural Engineer: IMd raadgevende ingenieurs
MEP Engineer: Deerns raadgevende ingenieurs
Construction cost consultant: Kamphuis Schaufeli
HVAC & building physics consultancy: Deerns Raadgevende ingenieurs
Main contractor: Huybregts Relou

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