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Montessori Child Centre Dordrecht

The Montessori vision was leading in the design of this primary school and nursery school: teaching children knowledge and skills and training them to become independent and self-responsible individuals. Ector Hoogstad Architecten therefore designed a multifunctional and sustainable school in which architectural details provide small vistas, seating areas and viewpoints. The ‘serious’ building turns out to be a large playground and offers the children security while at the same time being open, well-organized, spacious, light and quiet. The children, the residents of the building, enter through the large living area with kitchen that immediately sets the tone for a homely atmosphere. Behind this area is a central staircase, which also functions as a grandstand, library and balcony. The various education spaces are clustered around the staircase at the ground floor and first floor.

 Project information
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Dordrecht
Client: Municipality of Dordrecht
Status: Realized
Program: Primary school and nursery school

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