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Montessori College Nijmegen

Inspired by the various height differences and green surroundings Ector Hoogstad Architecten designed two school buildings with staggered volumes that form roof terraces and gardens on the south and west sides. Both buildings are made of sub-volumes with materialisation of wood, aluminium cladding and enamelled glass. An internal street with various height differences and voids forms the social heart of the building for lower and higher secondary education and pre-university education while in the pre-vocational school building the various labs, workshops and classrooms are located around a central atrium. Both buildings meet ambitious sustainable requirements thanks to a hybrid ventilation system, concrete core activation and heat and cold storage in the soil. The buildings have an average GPR-score of 8.1.

Project information
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Nijmegen
Client: Montessori College
Status: Realized
Program: secondary education

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