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Orion Education Building

Orion is the second educational building on the campus of Wageningen University and Research. It was designed as a monolithic block in the green campus. The nine-storey building contains educational spaces, laboratories, a large auditorium (accommodating 800 people) and restaurant facilities. Three sides of the pentagonal shape of the buildings provide the backbone for the large column-free auditorium inside the building. In the atrium, the auditorium appears as a large steel-cladded disc above the main entrance. The programmatic lay-out is pragmatic: the busiest rooms, such as the grand café, restaurant and auditoria, are located close to the ground floor, while the laboratories with large installation requirements are located at the top of the building, right beneath the installation rooms.

Project information
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Campus Wageningen University
Client: Wageningen University & Research
Status: Realized
Program: Educational spaces, auditorium, lecture hall, laboratories, restaurant


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