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Westerlaan Cluster Rotterdam

The Westerlaan Cluster is located in the protected urban landscape of the ‘Scheepvaartkwartier’, recalling Rotterdam’s rich history in shipping. The large redevelopment of the building from the mid-sixties resulted in a 70-meter high apartment/office tower, a low-rise office building for the Vopak HQ and a large parking garage underneath the monumental park. Only three small glass entrance pavilions mark the existence of a three-storey underground car park with over 350 parking spaces. While hiding the car park, the tower became an eye-catcher in the Rotterdam skyline after the addition of five new floors and an outside steel structure with balconies. Black and white glazed ceramic elements combined with soft grey-green natural stone were chosen to clad the façades. As a result, the building stands out, while at the same time forming a wonderful combination with the adjacent park.

Project information
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Rotterdam
Client: Westerlaan CV
Status: Realized
Program: Offices, Residential, Underground parking
Pictures: Ossip van Duivenbode & Petra Appelhof & Marcel van Kerckhoven

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