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The world’s biggest bicycle parking garage

The world’s biggest bicycle parking garage is the centre piece of an urban redevelopment that reconnects the enlarged railway station with the historic city centre of Utrecht. To revitalize the public space, Ector Hoogstad Architecten designed the iconic canopy that welcomes visitors into the city. Underneath the elevated square, a three-story bike park for 12,500 bicycles promotes and facilitates a future of sustainable mobility. The parking garage is extremely easy to use, delivers fast connections to the train platforms through various underground connections, is safe to use and provides a remarkable cycling experience.

Project information
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Central Station, Utrecht 
Client: Municipality of Utrecht
Status: Realized
Program: Bicycle parking, public square and iconic canopy

Design team:
Architect: Ector Hoogstad Architecten
Structural Engineer: Royal Haskoning DHV
MEP Engineer: Royal Haskoning DHV
Building Physics consultant: DGMR
Landscape: Sant & Co

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