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“At Ector Hoogstad Architecten we are passionately dedicated to creating meaningful places that help people flourish, both individually and collectively. Places where they find inspiration – in architecture and each other – to rise above themselves.” – Joost Ector

The desire to contribute to progress is the driving force behind our architecture. Ever since the founding of our office – now 60 years ago – we have been working on spatial designs at all scale levels that make our living environment more beautiful and help it advance.

That is why we are fascinated by knowledge landscapes, the architectural challenge of our time. Knowledge landscapes are environments that are all about sharing, developing and celebrating knowledge. Places where people come together to work on better understanding, new possibilities and - ultimately - more quality of life.

Architecture is the decisive success factor for these ecosystems to flourish. As designers, we charge and manipulate space to connect people effectively and convincingly. We offer them the facilities, flexibility, atmospheres and inspiration to rise above themselves together.

We know better than anyone how to manage the complexity of this assignment. We believe that proactive and open communication with clients and future users is essential. And in the use of state-of-the-art digital design and communication tools such as BIM, we deliberately choose to be forerunners.

Naturally, innovation is also central to our own knowledge organization. We are constantly working on the further development of our social relevance, our architectural insights, our design methods, our sustainability strategies and our building technology.

Pioneering architecture for an ever better future – this is our goal.

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