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EHA demonstrates its expertise through its keen understanding of the operational needs of the building, and through the consistency and appropriateness of its choices on the basis of that understanding.
Jury report Architectenweb Awards 2021

We're proud to announce that MindLabs in Tilburg will officially open for operations on Wednesday afternoon (september 27th) in a ceremony attended by Mayor Theo Wetering and other stakeholders. The event marks the culmination of Ector Hoogstad Architects transformation of a beautiful old 'railway cathedral' in the city's transport zone into MindLabs, a knowledge exchange centre for digital technology. The result, realized on behalf of the Municipality of Tilburg and Fontys University, is a model of what can be achieved when heritage, design and sustainability are united in service of a vision, in this instance, a future-oriented building with character. 

MindLabs - zicht op trap - Marcel van der Burg
We believe in rationalism, beauty and progress. With that in mind, we design inspiring and empowering spaces.
Metaforum - Petra Appelhof
Ector Hoogstad approaches the design process with an open mind. They come up with great design solutions that fit the surroundings, and treat the monumental aspects of existing buildings with great respect.
Simone van den Brink, real estate manager, University of Amsterdam