Architecture for the love of progress

NEXT facade
As an architect, I am both an optimist and an idealist. I seek to build a more beautiful and better world because I firmly believe that it can be done. And it is with this conviction that our team approaches every project and collaboration.
Joost Ector, partner Ector Hoogstad Architects

On Thursday September 29th 2022, NEXT Delft officially opened its doors. The opening ceremony was attended by Maaike Zwart (alderman Sustainability, Work and income and Economy, City of Delft), Meindert Stolk (representative Province of South Holland), Rob Mudde (Vice-Rector Magnificus Education TU Delft) and Edwin van de Woestijne (ASR Dutch Science Park Fund). Ector Hoogstad Architects designed the new accelerator building for project developer Stone 22 and owner ASR Dutch Science Park Fund. 

NEXT opening 3
We believe in rationalism, beauty and progress. With that in mind, we design inspiring and empowering spaces.
Metaforum - Petra Appelhof
EHA has an inherent drive to fully comprehend what the physicists in Delft are working on and what their future needs will be. Together we're building a top-notch research facility that is both aesthetically pleasing and future-proof.
Paulien Herder, dean Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology