Architecture for the love of progress

NEXT facade
EHA always differentiates between architecture and project management. This allowed the architects to focus on their work while the project leader became an expert sparring partner for process related questions.
Bas van Halen, director PM2 Construction Consultants

At Ector Hoogstad Architects we believe in progress. And that is why we like to focus on designing research environments. But what makes designing these so interesting and challenging? What added value does EHA bring to the table and what does a co-design process entail exactly? 

Viosn text - RUG Feringa
We believe in rationalism, beauty and progress. With that in mind, we design inspiring and empowering spaces.
Metaforum - Petra Appelhof
I really like our school building. It's like a labyrinth that you can explore! There are plenty of hang-out spots to meet your friends, and my favourite areas in the school are the little benches, the soccer table and of course the giant slide!
Elisa, pupil at Hyperion Lyceum