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This transformation is amazing! My mind would really be at ease if I knew all my buildings would receive such treatment.
Jacques Choisy, architect of the original W-hall

We're proud to announce that MindLabs in Tilburg will officially open for operations on Wednesday afternoon (september 27th) in a ceremony attended by Mayor Theo Wetering and other stakeholders. The event marks the culmination of Ector Hoogstad Architects transformation of a beautiful old 'railway cathedral' in the city's transport zone into MindLabs, a knowledge exchange centre for digital technology. The result, realized on behalf of the Municipality of Tilburg and Fontys University, is a model of what can be achieved when heritage, design and sustainability are united in service of a vision, in this instance, a future-oriented building with character. 

MindLabs - zicht op trap - Marcel van der Burg
We believe in rationalism, beauty and progress. With that in mind, we design inspiring and empowering spaces.
Metaforum - Petra Appelhof
Ector Hoogstad has done an amazing job. The DIFFER building is transparent and looks beautiful. It has also become a place to do excellent research. Furthermore, it offers ample opportunities for people to meet and connect.
Dr. Wim R. Koppers, Manager DIFFER Institute