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EHA Office

Ector Hoogstad Architects has been the occupant of Hofpoort’s top floor since 2018, a building that might be better known to some as Shell’s former Headquarters at Hofplein in Rotterdam. Located in the centre of ‘our’ Rotterdam, the building offers amazing 360 views of the larger surroundings.

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Project details

Name EHA Office
Client Ector Hoogstad Architecten
Location Rotterdam
Status Completed 2018 
Architect Piet Zanstra, Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Hofpoort was designed by architect Piet Zanstra in the early seventies and rather despised by the local community when it was delivered. However, appreciation for the brutalist style in architecture, examples of which can mostly be found outside of the Rotterdam area, has grown in recent years and Hofpoort has once again become a thriving hub. Nowadays, an eclectic and inspiring mix of businesses can be found at Hofplein 20.

Raw concrete determines the atmosphere of the building, not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. We took inspiration from this for EHA’s interior design and added as few extra ingredients as possible to the mix. We used honest and natural materials such as plywood, cork and simple glass partitions, a light grey linoleum floor, a stainless-steel kitchen in the communal lounge, and galvanized steel storage space.  The result is a straightforward yet surprisingly warm and cosy.

EHA office

To provide for adequate acoustics anthracite grey baffles have been installed below the concrete ceiling. Dark green furnishings add color to the meeting rooms and lounge while bright orange LED-fixtures also add character to the lounge. Plants have been placed throughout, adding a natural and green touch to our office.

The combination of carefully yet sparingly chosen materials and colours compliment the creative atmosphere that we work in on a daily basis. And one we enjoy thoroughly!  

EHA office
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