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matrix vi building

Matrix VI, Amsterdam

When both universities of Amsterdam simultaneously moved their Faculty of Science to the Amsterdam Science Park, the demand for flexible office space and laboratories grew quickly. Start-ups and scale-ups needed additional space to create, test and build their innovative products. Luckily, the Matrix organization was created with this exact goal in mind; to initiate and facilitate new construction for research and start-ups. The project was given the name Matrix VI.

Matrix vi werkkamer

Project details

Name Matrix VI
Client Matrix Innovation Centre
Location Science Park, Amsterdam
Status Completed 2013

Architect Ector Hoogstad Architecten
Building Physics MoBius Consult
Construction IMd Consulting Engineers
Contractor Sprangers Bouwbedrijf
Installation Deerns

Photography Petra Appelhof

The building is based upon a straightforward rectangular shaped floorplan: offices and labs are organized around a core housing various facilities while the façade allows for a flexible lay-out depending on the tenants’ needs. The ground floor is home to the Matrix organization’s offices and meeting rooms for the entire Matrix community. A cosy café in the lobby, including an outside deck, can be found on the western side of the building offering the Matrix occupants and visitors a pleasant retreat in the afternoon sun.

The appearance of Matrix VI is characterized by effective simplicity. The façade shows a combination of ribbon windows and closed parapets that alternate at regular intervals. Orientation to the sun determines just how far the parapet extends out: the south-facing façade has a parapet that is deep enough to double as a sunshade while the depth of the parapet on the east and west side is connected to placement of vertical glass panes.

These lamellae are made out of sun blocking glass with an additional screen print. They effectively help reduce the building’s energy use yet provide for ample natural daylight in the interior.

matrix vi outside
matrix vi lab
Matrix 02
matrix vi building
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