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The TU Campus is becoming a vibrant area filled with new research and education facilities. The Faculty of Applied Sciences’ new housing (TNW, Building 22) is part of this development. Ector Hoogstad Architects was selected for this project that was given the bold name Physics.

The accommodation requirements are simple enough: laboratories, lecture rooms for practical work, staff offices and ancillary facilities such as workshops, dispatch and a restaurant. Yet the apparent simplicity of these functions belies the complexity of the project. The laboratories, for instance, are to be some of the most advanced of their kind, and are required to meet the most stringent criteria in terms of vibrations, electromagnetic disturbances, radiation, air purity, and temperature stability. These requirements are a necessity given the faculty’s dedication to pioneering research in the fields of quantum nanoscience and imaging physics.

The key to executing projects such as this successfully is to conduct a thorough analysis of both the technical and spatial requirements as well as the building the context within its surroundings. With regard to the latter, the university’s explicit desire was to deliver a building that enhances the appeal of its location within the campus as well as one that stimulates knowledge exchange and creativity. 

The preliminary design was officially approved on Monday March 14th. Taking one step closer to the renewal of the campus in which sustainability plays an essential role. The Delft University of Technology is striving towards an CO2 neutral and circulair campus in 2030.

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EHA has an inherent drive to fully comprehend what the physicists in Delft are working on and what their future needs will be. Together we're building a top-notch research facility that is both aesthetically pleasing and future-proof.
Paulien Herder, dean Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology