The school as a city
Da Vinci aula

Da Vinci College, Roosendaal

Ector Hoogstad Architects was commissioned by Da Vinci College in Roosendaal to design their new school building. We ended up creating a building that operates similar to a small city filled with squares, boulevards, boroughs, terraces and more.

Da Vinci hall

Project details

Name Da Vinci College
Client Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs
Location Roosendaal
Status Completed 2016


Architect Ector Hoogstad Architects
Building physics Nelissen Engineering
Client consultant ICS Adviseurs
Construction IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Contractor BVR
Installations consultant Nelissen Engineering

Photography Petra Appelhof

The building combines small scale educational facilities such as studios and workshops with larger themes like safety and comfort while challenging students to experiment and taking responsibility at the same time.

The two main entrances, one for senior and pre-university education and one for secondary vocational education, lead to a wide boulevard that gives access to all individual classrooms. While en route the boulevard takes you past an indoor garden, a lively square and several terraces, and showcases the school’s bright and open atmosphere throughout.

Da Vinci study

The concept of the school as a city brings about an almost collage-like composition to the building allowing for several of the existing building to be integrated into the new structure. The increased the sustainability that followed as a result was a welcome addition to the design. Smart and energy-efficient installations like climate-control ceilings contribute to the overall sustainable design

An extraordinary detail is the Mona-Lisa wall at the heart of the school, consisting of ‘new and improved’ versions of Leonardo da Vinci’s design, made by the school’s students.

Da Vinci aula
Da Vinci outside