Creating a close-knit community
Technasium seen from Bovenbuurtweg

Het Streek Lyceum, Ede

Ector Hoogstad Architecten and Atelier van Berlo have teamed up to design a “Fresh Air School” for Het Streek Lyceum (secondary school) in Ede. The new premises is set to be the stomping ground for a student and staff body of 1,500. Representatives from both user groups were actively involved in the design process, thereby yielding a design informed by the school’s desire to become even more close-knit as a community. If there’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic has made abundantly clear, it is that the ability to interact in real life and learn from one another is crucial to our welfare as human beings, especially for young people.

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Project details 

Name Het Streek Lyceum
Client CSG Het Streek
Location Ede
Status Start construction 2023
Completion 2024


Architect Ector Hoogstad Architects & Atelier van Berlo
Building services, structural and fire safety engineer Sijperda Hardy
Construction management ICS
Contractor tbc
Cost consultant Multical
Landscape architect Copijn
Structural engineer IMD Consulting Engineers
Systems installations tbc

Het Streek parkeerplaats
Technasium seen from Bovenbuurtweg

Community spirit
The social and spatial heart of the new building is its multifunctional auditorium, which can be used for everything from school plays to social events and church services. Its large glazed façade maximises the views of the leafy setting, its transparency inviting parents, neighbours and business partners to join the community. A large sports hall and vast playing field encourage healthy living and provide opportunities for activities that strengthen the bonds of community.

The Technasium
The building will boast relief-rich facades of brick and wood, lending it an air of calm and aesthetically pleasing symmetry. The school’s dedication to educational technology is manifested in the design in the form of a “Technasium”, a striking transparent volume with a frame of champagne-coloured anodised aluminium that juts out from the main structure and rests on one of the green hills that define the school grounds. The gap created by this composition forms the entrance to the “world of Het Streek”.

I've gotten to know EHA as a pleasant and skilled partner to work with: knowledgeable, punctual and pertinent. Their highly developed sense of empathy allowed them to come up with creative solutions that connected perfectly to our ideas.
Wilfred Nep, principal Het Streek Lyceum
Het Streek Aula
Het Streek Vanaf PdHooghstraat

A healthy building
The new building will boast much more than its visual appeal and functional qualities; it will also be highly sustainable. Its deliberately compact form, high-performance façade and fossil-fuel free design will keep its energy needs to a minimum. Its construction will employ environmentally friendly building materials, such as wood and sun-dried bricks, supplemented with material salvaged from the old and now-demolished building. The school will be both climate-adaptive and ecologically supportive, boasting among other things a green space for water storage and a patio designed as a leafy oasis. Conceived to the meet the government’s “Frisse School” (Fresh Air Schools) requirements regarding natural light, natural ventilation and views of natural scenery, among other things, the building is as equipped as it can be to support the health and well-being of the school’s students and staff.

Het Streek parkeerplaats